Why Flackette?

January 12, 2006 at 1:35 am (Uncategorized)

Having recently begun my foray into the crazy world of public relations, I have searched high and low for resources that will help me in my quest for mastery of my profession. While I majored in public relations at my university, I am increasingly finding that many things in this world are better learned by experience than taught in a classroom.

Now that I have been working in PR for a good year, I realize that many of the problems I had starting out could have been much helped by tips or guides. Like creating a press list, for example. Or compiling media coverage reports for your clients. Or how to leave a powerful voice message when you are follow-up pitching. Of course some of these topics might seem incredibly self-explanatory to the typical professional, I believe that they are more than mere tasks. They can be done poorly, or done well, and your place on that spectrum can determine how successful you are in your publicity efforts. While there is always the “learn by doing” approach, it is always more helpful to have the advice of someone who has been there, made the mistakes, and can tell you how you can do it better than they did.

This blog is for anyone desirous of being more than just a mere professional in their field; but being a master. There are too many complaints from journalists of incompetency from public relations professionals, and it is giving the field a bad rep. Public relations is a craft, an art, which done well can shake nations and if done poorly can ruin reputations.

Which kind of mover do you want to be?

I have found many helpful public relations blogs on different topics; some provide discourse on specific PR disciplines, others supply commentary on happenings in the industry, and still others are resources for people (like myself) desiring to learn more about the field. I’m sure I will be referencing their wisdom frequently in this forum. Now, it is time for me to contribute in my own small way by starting this blog.

Hopefully, you will find here helpful tips about the basic day-to-day PR tasks such as building media relationships and pitching stories; dialogue about the future of the industry; PR news; a little self-indulgent gossip (think PR nightmare-in-progress Tom Cruise dropping his publicister for famed celebrity publicist Paul Bloch); and general discussion about the experiences of my fellow flacks in their respective fields. Flackette has been born. With that said, I encourage you to read, learn, discuss and contribute!


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  1. Michael Morton said,

    Nice Blog.

    I enjoy reading blogs by fellow newcomers. I hope you keep it up and running. Actively blogging definitely helps you to stay informed and improves your writting skills.

    I myself have only been in my career for about two years. My job mostly consists of marketing, not too much PR involved (even though I got my degree in PR). I am new at blogging as well. Please, stop by my blog and tell me what you think. Where do you think I could improve? Critiques are most welcomed!

    Constituency Communication

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