The lynching of Perez Hilton

February 8, 2006 at 8:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Hollywood blogger Perez Hilton posted an
interesting quote the other day that, while entertainment-related, still raises interesting questions for the rest of the blogging community and for the public relations field as well.

Do you think blogging should be controlled, and if so, how? It’s certainly a tough question because one of the great things about the internet is that it is an open forum where anyone can express their viewpoints about any subject. However, it’s a valid concern, especially when sometimes things spin out of control on the blogosphere. Read on…

Perez recently made a comment on his blog dissing a party that he was not invited to. Apparently, the publicist for the event was less than pleased with the remark, and had an e-mail interchange with Perez that went from bad to worse.

The bad: Perez seemed to think it was acceptable for him to talk positively or negatively about Hollywood depending on who will throw him a bone. Hmmm…I fail to remember the Journalistic Code of Ethics ever condoning the acceptance of favors in return for good coverage. Although I would never consider Perez’s site a reliable media source, he seemed to think he had that distinction and went on a gloriously pompous tirade on his importance in the entertainment community.

And it gets worse: Gawker “came into possession” of said interchange, exactly how is not described, and posted all e-mails along with their own commentary on Perez’s unseemly power trip. The title of Gawker’s post: “Perez Hilton Makes Us Hate Ourselves.”

Is it just slightly scary that days after swapping nasty e-mail correspondence with someone they can post your words on a well trafficked blog for all the world to see?

I find it downright frightening, especially when other blogs out there like The Bad Pitch Blog (which I read with fear and trembling) are just waiting for a public relations newbie like myself to royally screw up so they can publicly humiliate the perpetrator. Although I am grateful that The Bad Pitch Blog is there to prevent me from making embarrasing pitching mistakes, Perez’s situation goes beyond a helpful critique and into dangerous territory.

My advice: beware what you post on your blog and how you compose yourself in e-mail correspondence. You never know who is waiting to lambaste you.


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  1. Kevin said,

    Flackette: Fear not, we come in peace. You should always scrutinize your emails, pitches and everything else you write. The more your write? You still need to apply scrutiny. Writing is still the hardest thing I do every day. The fact thay you are blogging, and reading a lot of good blogs, puts you ahead in the game. Game on.

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