Are you cut out for PR?

March 30, 2006 at 7:30 pm (Uncategorized)

While reading through my RSS feeds the other day I came across this post talking about a well known European communications consultant, Michael Bland, recommending something he wrote defining the public relations field. Go to his Web site and download his paper titled “What is PR?” It is a great, short read that every PR newbie should take a look at.

A few highlights:

– He talks about how the field of PR “calls for a high degree of creativity, which is often incompatible with good organisation and management,” and that this is one of the reasons why many people do not understand the field.

– He also notes that “the new entrants to PR nowadays are more typically clean cut, hard working young graduates.” Do you agree?

– Bland says that PR professionals should have:

  • “A sense of curiosity
  • An intelligent, organised mind
  • A reasonable amount of business awareness
  • An ability to communicate — especially in writing.”

What do you think?



  1. Michael Morton said,

    Great post! I can use the information in the whitepaper for my term paper in grad school.


  2. David Gallagher said,

    I have to admit I haven’t read the paper, but I like it in your summary form. At our agency in London, we also like to look for a few more subjective traits: generosity (can’t all be about you); curiosity (you’ve got to find your work, whatever it is, genuinely interesting; and luck — good fortune seems to follow those who consider themselves “lucky,” and we like that.

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