NYC ad agency withdraws lawsuit… and goes out of business?

May 9, 2006 at 8:15 pm (Uncategorized)

I just recieved an online minute from Media Post reporting that the NYC ad agency suing Maine blogger, Lance Dutson, has withdrawn its lawsuit. Media Post also implies in this article that the agency has gone out of business as a result. The headline, “Puzzling Lawsuit Brings Down Agency,” seems to suggest this, along with the following statement:

“Warner Kremer Paino Advertising, the ad agency that last month filed a puzzling lawsuit against a blogger for having criticized the agency’s online ad efforts, has folded.”

I am curious if this is a reference to the demise of the lawsuit or of the agency. Does anyone know for sure?

If this is true it should be even more of an eye-opener to those who don’t take blogging seriously.



  1. Michael said,

    I saw that, too, and wondered the same. Haven’t heard anything new.

  2. Matt K. said,

    For goodness sake, people, read the next sentence of the article you’ve quoted from MediaPost:

    “After widespread media coverage, Warner Kremer Paino Advertising, or WKPA, withdrew its suit–though too late to escape near-universal derision.”

    WKPA is still operational, and will probably emerge from this none the worse for wear after a few months.

  3. Flackette said,

    I did read the next sentence, Matt, and it really didn’t clear anything up for me. Sorry.

    Both the headline of this article and the statement that WKPA had “folded” were misleading to readers. The mere fact that this article caused so many like myself to think that the agency had gone out of business is proof of this.

    I also found another error in this article that needs to be clarified: they mispell the name of the firm in question. It is not Warner Kremer Paino, but WARREN Kremer Paino advertising. Now I know why I had such a hard time finding the agency’s Web site!

  4. Linda Hutchins said,

    And in a nutshell, this is exactly how blatantly inaccurate info gets spread about. Some people really know how to manipulate a headline!

    For a refreshing view of the truth, anyone can see this: (Still in construction…)

    Thank you.


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