Important Words for the Young Workforce from Brazen Careerist’s Penelope Trunk

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Yesterday while on my nightly run, I tried giving up my usual jogging tunes and replacing them with the Forward podcast, managed by my longtime friend and fellow PR blogger Paull Young. I have to say, tunes were not missed and I thoroughly enjoyed the mental stimulation of the podcast coupled with the energy of the run.

For this edition Paull interviewed Penelope Trunk, author of Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success and a career columnist at Boston Globe and Yahoo Finance. The interview was an incredibly inspirational listen, and provided a great deal of encouragement to us 20-somethings trying to make a living and change the world while we’re at it.

I suggest you listen to the interview for yourself, but Penelope made two particularly important points that I want to highlight:

1. Today’s workplace allows you to prove your worth through your performance and industry insight, not just how many years you’ve been in your business

2. The above is a gift not afforded to our parents or any other past generation

I thought this was important because too few of us realize the power we have in our hands to really showcase our talents in a new and exciting way. We should cherish this privelege. We no longer have to drudge through a career for X number of years trying to catch a break. Now more than ever, we have the ability to become thought leaders by contributing to the knowledge base for our respective professions. How can we do this? It’s as easy as expressing our opinions intelligently and respectfully, whether it be through blogging, internal discussions with our managers and team members, or conversations with others in our profession.

I’m also very interested in updates on Penelope’s upcoming business venture with young career bloggers Ryan Paugh and Ryan Healy,, which will be a network of bloggers writing about the intersection of work and life. This will be a great resource for those just entering the workforce, and I can’t wait to check it out (the Web site says it is “coming soon”).



  1. Paull Young said,

    Great review Marie. I must admit I’m honored to be your workout partner 🙂

    Penelope’s take on it seems to resonate w/ Gen Yers – belying her influence and understanding w/ this audience.

    I still feel that it is important to balance our forwardness with respect, but all the same to seize opportunities as they come.

  2. flackette said,

    Thanks for comment, Paull! I agree that Penelope really hits the nail on the head and seems to know where we’re coming from, in addition to giving out sound advice on where to go from here.

    I also agree that balancing forwardness with respect is key. I think I tend to be one of those people that is more timid and less apt to feel entitled to recognition and reward, so it was great to hear Penelope’s strong admonition that we should be confident in asking for what we deserve and not get bogged down by the old rules of how a career should play itself out.

  3. Audrey said,

    I need to get my hands on this podcast – sounds just like what I’ve been asking myself and challenged by as we learn to juggle more information and learn of new mediums to communicate our messages (in PR that is). Thanks for sharing, Marie!

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