PR Students, Teachers, Pros Step Up to the PROpenMic

April 15, 2008 at 7:56 am (PR 101) (, , , , )

I just joined PROpenMic yesterday, a community for PR students, educators, and pros to convene and share information, questions, and wisdom on the industry. It was created by famed PR educator and blogger Robert French of Auburn University, and from my experience so far is a great resource for PRs across the board to meet others and collectively share information. I wish I had this when I was in college getting my PR degree!

The community is a helpful training ground for students and young PR pros, and is also a great way for seasoned PR practitioners to mentor the newbies. I’m a huge fan of the site already from the little I’ve tinkered with it. I look forward to getting involved and meeting new people in the industry, as well as hopefully contributing some worthwhile info to the community.

Check it out for yourself and get signed up! And while you’re on there, go ahead and add me as a friend. 😉



  1. Robert French said,

    Thank you very much, Marie. We were very happy to see you join us. Look forward to having the students & faculty interact with you over the coming days.

    I hope the network becomes a valuable resource for students, faculty & practitioners alike. I’ve kind of dreamed of this kind of site for a long time. Seemed like it was time to try and launch it. I appreciate you sharing the site with your readers.

    Come back & see us as often as you can!

  2. Marie Williams said,

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for the comment! I really think what you’re doing with PROpenMic is such a great idea. I had dinner with Paull the other day and while we were talking about PROpenMic he was saying that the feedback he’s received from a lot of students is that it’s much easier for them to get involved in a social network than make the commitment to blog. Which makes this a perfect intro for many.

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